La Seance Haunted

by Velvet Robe

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Clockwork Diabolus
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Clockwork Diabolus From the Darkest corners of the Brain .... Favorite track: The Gods Forget, They Are Distant, They Must be Reminded.
Ryan Hammond
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Ryan Hammond "Funeral Doom" does not begin to describe the depraved and unsettling contents of this recording. This is vulgar and filthy music, trapped eternally in prisons of stone and of the mind. Favorite track: The Gods Forget, They Are Distant, They Must be Reminded.
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released December 1, 1902

All artwork by Josh McAlear



all rights reserved


Velvet Robe Boston, Massachusetts

Their appearance varies in age. They are described as thin, with long white mustaches, pointed ears and sharp teeth. They are dressed all in black and have hair on their palms. Mehemet Bey described them as old men; 'cruel looking' and giving an effect of 'extraordinary pallor.' ... more

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Track Name: In Visible Shadow
Dark sacrament
Conjuration sent

Black candles lit
Sacrificial Pit

Knife to virgin flesh
Offering, North, South, East, West

Sorrow, vice, obscenity
Wicked souls cry out to thee

Rise up, by ANU I summon Thee
Rise up, by ENLIL I summon Thee
Rise up, by ENKI I summon Thee
Cease to be the Sleeper of EGURRA
Cease to lie unwaking beneath the Mountains of KUR

Forbidden rites
Told into the night

A chalice fills with blood
And down the altar runs

Vile liturgy chants
Flames ever higher dance

The morning star eclipsed
Bring forth your vengeful fist
Track Name: Kharis Lives
When Kharis grabs your throat
There is nowhere to go

He tightens down his hold
The only trace is grey mold

3,000 years old
Tomb desecrators his foe

Buried alive for sacrilege
Cursed forever to always live

On the full moon of each month
The tana leaf renews his blood

Violate the tomb of his true love
and the fury of Kharis thou shalt know
Track Name: The Gods Forget, They Are Distant, They Must be Reminded
Candlelight vigil
Watching us all

Crushing non-believers
Make sure you heed the call

Showing his eye
Through a point of flame

True aura glowing
Falling stars begin to rain

Thou must call upon thy god
in the dawn
Thou must needs prepare an altar
for the one
This ritual thou wilt undertake
in the 15th day
After the 13th of the month
when thou hast summoned the gate
when thou hast summoned the gate

5 fingers stretched out
A different element emitting from each one

Mighty wings protruding from his spine
And blocking out the sun

All will die, all will perish, all will kneel down, all enter the furnace