The Celestial Intelligencer

by Velvet Robe

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"It has been a subject of ancient dispute whether or not the stars, as second causes, do so rule and influence man as to ingraft in his nature certain passions, virtues, propensities, etc., and this to take root in him at the very critical moment of his being born into this vale of misery and wretchedness."

"The Magus"

Francis Barrett, London 1801


released November 16, 1918

Khristos Phero Ocheron de Chauve-Souris - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Ukelin, Drums, Reed Organ, Ambience

Baron Corpulus Lazerus VI - Drums, Vocals, Ambience

Chancellor Baal Adramelech - Vocals, Ambience

Cover art installation by Maria Molteni

Cover art photography by DEAD ART STAR

Velvet Robe logo by Josh McAlear

*Lyrics for "To Rest We Lay Them" taken from the psalm "Silently"
By Barney E. Warren, 1911

**Organ on "Black Mask Wedding" written by Johann Sebastian Bach



all rights reserved


Velvet Robe Boston, Massachusetts

Their appearance varies in age. They are described as thin, with long white mustaches, pointed ears and sharp teeth. They are dressed all in black and have hair on their palms. Mehemet Bey described them as old men; 'cruel looking' and giving an effect of 'extraordinary pallor.' ... more

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Track Name: Phasm Pteropus
Attack from on high
Shrieking loud terror cry

Glowing green insane eyes

Claws dig their way in
Blood runs from your skin

Writhe now in torment
Writhe now in torment
Writhe now in torment

Through haze and fog
Flies on and on

Never to stop
He will never be done
Never to stop
He will never be done

Throat torn out
You cannot speak

Wrapped inside
It's giant wings

The horror has
No end it seems

And time moves
As if in a dream
Track Name: The Final Curse Upon The Land
Pharaohs ten curses will be
Visited upon thee

Torture pain and punishment
The underworld your souls be sent

Boils Bats Frogs Blood
Number four to one

Rats Hail Beasts Locust
Our hatred now be focused

First born sons
Be taken from
And darkness now
In place of sun

In 10,000 years
May seem a myth
Our god cannot
Be reckoned with
Track Name: To Rest We Lay Them
Silently, Silently
Sleep the peaceful dead

Mournfully, Sighingly
Tears o'er them are shed

Though the dust to dust returneth
Yet their spirits now have gone

To the god of love who giveth
And their works do follow on

Silently to rest we lay them
Empty is their house of clay

Unto god the soul returneth
Silently to pass away
Track Name: The Old Customs Remain and the Ancient Gods Live On
A heap, a mass, of flesh

Once you were, once you were

The blood within our breast

Time, time, time, time

Rots at everything

The mighty fall, the weak succeed

Honor is our defeat
Honor is our defeat

Who are and who are not

Living forever and wanting to die

Always why
Always why

The black, the cold, embrace the old

Embrace the old
Embrace the old

The mind, the mind, the mind

The reason you try

The reason you don't

Crush all in way in a sea of hate

Wanting the end is the reason it won't
Wanting the end is the reason it won't